Flex with freelancers

Scale your business with your own freelance workforce

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Search thousands of profiles to find the most suitable freelancers for any role in almost every industry


Customise and automate your onboarding process to quickly build your network of approved talent


See your freelancers’ availability, quickly send, edit or duplicate bookings and get instant responses


Auto-generate invoices according to the bookings you’ve confirmed and get them approved or paid quickly

Your favourite freelancers at your fingertips

Build your own network

Search, onboard and store a network of preferred freelancers you can book at any time

Super-simple onboarding

Move your freelance applicants through your onboarding process in three quick and simple steps

Lightning-fast bookings

See your freelancers’ availability and book them immediately. Add, edit, move or delete bookings and get rapid responses

Quick & easy payments

Keep your freelancers happy with automated invoices, quick approvals and streamlined payments

“I have been waiting eagerly for a software like this! Due to the seasonality of the fashion industry we’re unable to hire a full-time team so we use a lot of freelancers. Being able to tap into their availability and book them quickly is great!”

“The flxibl team clearly have first-hand experience of how difficult it is to book and pay freelancers on an ad-hoc basis. All other freelance platforms are painfully slow and inefficient when you need to hire someone quickly”

“Flxibl is perfect for my agency. We get projects of all shapes and sizes so it’s great to be able to store and book my favourite freelancers as and when we need them. Booking like this makes it feel like I have a full-time team”

Super-simple pricing



  • Profile visibility
  • Job applications
  • Onboarding visibility
  • Shared availability
  • Bookings management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Invoicing + payments
  • Bookings tracker
  • Powerful reports
  • Customer support



per freelancer /month

  • Freelance marketplace
  • Customizable onboarding
  • Network visibility
  • Availability visibility
  • Scheduling board
  • Flexible bookings
  • Invoicing + payments
  • Resource tracking
  • Powerful reports
  • Customer support

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